Posted on 09/24/2017

I love paper and I cannot lie!

Creativity/ CTMH/ Paper crafting

Ok, so it’s not the song and it has no flow, but that doesn’t change the fact that I LOVE paper!

All colors, sizes (12×12 to the tiniest scrap I couldn’t bear to throw away), patterns (or solids) and finishes (matte, gloss, metallic) – just look at the stash in my house and you’ll see that I have an unhealthy relationship with paper. I’m not ready for an episode of hoarders (yet), but I do love my paper. I’ve loved some so much that I haven’t used it and ended up framing it!

It’s hard for me to use patterned paper, so that’s why I’m challenging myself to make these two projects, a Halloween wreath and a set of paper pumpkins. Make sure you’re following me on Facebook ¬†for more information about workshops. If I’m going to use my paper, let me show you how to use yours!!



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