Posted on 03/23/2019

My First Crop!

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I haven’t had a good creative day in a while, my mojo was all but gone. Then my BFF suggested we spend the weekend at a crop – a CROP?! I don’t scrapbook! Not that I don’t have enough supplies to make scrapbooks for all my neighbors, but I’m a card-maker at heart. Why would I go to a crop?

Of course, the opportunity to spend time with my BFF is a strong motivator, especially since she lives across the country. Visits are rare, girl trips even more so. I figured I would take the opportunity to take some online card making classes – I signed up for a year ago.

I spent 3 days surrounded by wonderful, creative women. I had nothing else to do but sit, surrounded by my supplies and be a “maker”. I completed 3 classes, started a fourth and made a dozen cards! A dozen cards that were some of the best I’ve made! Maybe it was the creative environment, maybe it was spending time with my BFF, maybe it was the amazing dinners we treated ourselves to. I’m not certain what helped me get back my mojo, but we make a plan to go back next year!

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